Subject: some fallout from getfh...
To: None <>
From: Kurt Schreiner <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/13/2006 14:49:12

with source updated some minutes ago I get (on i386):

     create  libc/compat_fts.d
     create  libc/compat_getdents.d
     create  libc/compat_getdirentries.d
nbmake: don't know how to make compat_getfh.c. Stop

nbmake: stopped in /u/NetBSD/src/lib/libc

*** Failed target:  do-lib-libc
*** Failed command: _makedirtarget() { dir="$1"; shift; target="$1"; shift; case "${dir}" in /*) this="${dir}/"; real="${dir}" ;; .) this=""; real="/u/NetBSD/src" ;; *) this="${dir}/"; real="/u/NetBSD/src/${dir}" ;; esac; show=${this:-.}; echo "${target} ===> ${show%/}${1:+ (with: $@)}"; cd "${real}" && /u/NetBSD/arch/i386/TOOLS/bin/nbmake _THISDIR_="${this}" "$@" ${target}; }; _makedirtarget lib/libc dependall
*** Error code 2


(Cleaned $destdir and most of $objdir, build command was:
./ -N 1 -u -x -U -m i386 -O /u/NetBSD/arch/i386/obj \
-D /u/NetBSD/arch/i386/dest -T /u/NetBSD/arch/i386/TOOLS distribution