Subject: Re: clcs audio problem
To: Henry R. Bent <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/08/2006 15:58:28
"Henry R. Bent" <> writes:
> I have an i386 box running 3.99.18 from mid-April that has been having
> audio problems with the clcs driver.  Until very recently the sound
> quality would remain good for a long time, maybe 10 or 15 days, until it
> slowly started to degrade into ringing digitized mush.  Now it will remain
> good for day or so until it very suddenly changes for the worse.  A reboot
> always fixes things, but I use NetBSD so that I don't have to reboot :-)

This bug has been in place for many years. I used to have an IBM T20
that had a clcs and had this exact same problem.

> -Does anyone know what is happening and why?  Could this be a hardware
> problem?

No, it is a driver issue. I think that Jared McNeill (jmcneill@netbsd)
may know what the problem is, but I am not certain.