Subject: bootable CD miniroot diskimage
To: None <>
From: Brook Milligan <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/2006 09:27:02
I am trying to make a bootable i386 CD from netbsd-current (checked
out yesterday).  Using I can make the entire system,
including an iso-image (which I burned to a cd).  However, that cd
will only partially boot.  It loads the kernel, goes through part of
the device probing, and resets.

My recollection is that this is a symptom of too small a memory disk
in the install kernel.  Is that the case?

I understand how to change the memory disk size in the INSTALL kernel
configuration file.  However, I have some questions.

First, since that kernel is being used by several different boot
images (e.g., floppies, cds, etc.), are there any constraints on how
large the memory disk can be?  Can I arbitrarily increase it from
10,000 blocks to 20,000 blocks and expect it to work?  Is there some
means of figuring our directly how large it must be?

Second, suppose I created a special kernel config file for my bootable
cd (e.g., with a customized memory disk size), how do I populate its
memory disk with the appropriate image and how do I inform to
use it when constructing the iso-image?  I understand that kernel=XXX
and releasekernel=XXX will build and install a special kernel, but how
can it be used during the iso-image phase?

Finally, what is the difference between the cdrom images and the
floppy images in the release directory?  It seems like iso-image is
using the floppy images, whereas it would seem that it should be using
the cdrom images.  What don't I understand about these?

Thanks alot for your help.