Subject: Re: FireWire not detecting device removal?
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/05/2006 13:42:51
On Wed, 5 Jul 2006, Peter Seebach wrote:

> When the device is unplugged, the fwohci detects a bus reset... But the disk
> is never detached.  Access to an unplugged disk just goes into disk-wait,
> although connecting the same disk (or even apparently a different one!)
> restores functionality.  Is that normal?

From sbp(4):

     Some users familiar with umass(4) might wonder why the device is not
     detached at the scsi(4) layer when the device is unplugged.  It is
     detached only if the device has not been plugged again during several bus
     resets.  This is for preventing to detach an active file system even when
     the device cannot be probed correctly for some reason after a bus reset
     or when the device is temporary disconnected because the user changes the
     bus topology.  If you want to force to detach the device, run fwctl -r
     several times.

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