Subject: Booting the fresh 3.99.21 i386 iso ...
To: None <>
From: KlinT <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/25/2006 14:30:31
Hi again,

I'm experiencing a new strange problem ...

I've juste finish a fresh "BUILD RELEASE" and created an ISO image  
for installation.

When I try to boot the CD, the kernel stop randomly, without any  
visible error messages on the console and the computer reboot :(

I've run the BUILD process on my Athlon64X2 running GENERIC.MP kernel  
release 3.99.18

I've tested the produced cdrom on this computer and on my HP dc530/ 
Celeron 2.4GHz ...

Both computers are not able to boot completely the install cd

Does somebody experience this before ?

I always run the build process in the same way and never experience  
such a problem.

3.99.20 build successfully on my athlon64 but all the builds i ran  
for 3.99.21 fail to produce a usable iinstallation CD ...

Thanks in advance for your help / ideas ...

Best Regards.