Subject: Re: ntpd fails to establish connection with server
To: Michael van Elst <>
From: Frank Kardel <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/17/2006 14:40:50
Michael van Elst wrote:

> (Frank Kardel) writes:
>>Could you please send-pr that dhclient issue ? That way we get a
>>change to look into that.
>From dhclient-script(8):
>       The  DHCP  client  is  requesting  that  an  interface be configured as
>       required in order to send packets prior to receiving an actual address.
>       For  clients  which  use the BSD socket library, this means configuring
>       the interface with an IP address of and a broadcast address  of
>   For other clients, it may be possible to simply con-
>       figure the interface up without actually giving it  an  IP  address  at
>       all.    The  interface name is passed in $interface, and the media type
>       in $medium.
>Our dhclient uses bpf, so configuring a dummy address to make IP sockets
>work is probably not necessary.
I committed a fix ntpd to ignore those interfaces (and bug 537 before I
get mail about upstream notification :-)).

Remember this version of ntpd does not yet do dynamic interface rescanning
on interface reconfiguration. Version 4.2.4 (right now developing in
ntp-dev) will.