Subject: Re: sendmail removal and getting migration advice right
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/16/2006 22:28:45 writes:
> "Perry E. Metzger" <> wrote:
>  > It really is that easy. Most people are scared because after decades
>  > of being intimidated by syntax they assume it must be hard
>  > to make Postfix do things, but it really is easy to make it do
>  > straightforward things.
> Well, not always.
> I migrated my main machine here to Postfix three years ago; as a
> result of that experience all my other machines are still running
> sendmail.
> It should be straightforward to redirect root's mail to yourself and
> then forward everything to the department mailserver. Unfortunately,
> Postfix really didn't/doesn't want to do this.

This is trivial. Redirect everything to a virtual table, have it
rewrite everything local to the department server, except have a more
specific, earlier pattern for root. It is a ten line configuration
(give or take). I haven't actually tried it but I see no reason it
wouldn't work -- other similar things work for me.

> I got it to work acceptably, but it took a long time and a lot of
> cursing, though admittedly no more than hacking raw would
> have.

Perhaps you should have asked others for help -- what you wanted isn't
a hard thing to do.

> I'm hoping there's now a better way to do this; however, in general
> Postfix doesn't seem to be quite flexible enough.

It is pretty damn flexible. The problem is that sometimes you need to
"think the way postfix thinks", which is a bit different from the way
you approach problems with sendmail.