Subject: getting a realtek 8168B to function
To: None <>
From: dieter roelants <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/16/2006 16:27:17

I have this new motherboard (yay!) with onboard realtek 8168B nic. =20
After adding the PCI ids to the re driver(*), the card starts to attach =20
but then prints the following:

re0: expected TX data: 00:68:65:6c:6c:6f/00:77:6f:72:6c:64/0x800
re0: received RX data: 65:6c:6c:6f/00:77:6f:72:6c:64:08:00/0x0
re0: You may have a defective 32-bit NIC plugged into a 64-bit PCI slot.
re0: Please re-install the NIC in a 32-bit slot for proper operation.
re0: Read the re(4) man page for more details.

I don't think that's what going on here because the nic seems to work =20
fine with a FreeBSD 7-something-current bootcd. It also looks odd to me =20
that the received data is the same as the sent data, only 2 bytes =20
shifted. That's what I see with tcpdump too(**); packets sent from the =20
system arrive fine, but it "sees" the reply packets with the first 2 =20
bytes off.

Can anyone please help with bright ideas of what could be causing this, =20
or what doesn't cause this in FreeBSD or maybe even a patch to try?


(*) That was easy enough, but I had to look at the FreeBSD driver to =20
find the hardware revision. How does one find out?
(**) after having disabled the test, so the card would finish attaching