Subject: Re: Filesystem using tags, not folders?
To: Kyrre Nygard <>
From: Michal Suchanek <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/2006 14:48:11
On 6/9/06, Kyrre Nygard <> wrote:
> Hello!
> Just a wild thought here ...
> After noticing how much simpler it is using tags, for instance
> with my bookmarks at -- compared to hours of
> frustration trying find the right combination of folders and
> sub folders in my Firefox' bookmarks.html, I was wondering
> if the same approach could be used to arrange the UNIX filesystem
> hierarchy, from the root and up. This is just a radical thought,
> not yet an idea even -- but if somebody would be willing to think
> with me -- maybe we could make a big change.

It sure would be nice. To make it work with posix you could show the
tags as subdirectories. Copy/move could be mapped to add tag/add new
tag&remove this tag.
However, you would need some filters to make the directory structure
sane. Such as marking some tags as 'important' so that they show in
root, and instead of showing all files in root put them under a
special tag such as 'everything'.

Also the navigation would need something better than just the
dircetory emulation.

You could possibly get the photos of trees in /images/photos/trees (as
well as /images/trees/photos) but how do you get to texts about trees
and non-photographic images of trees unless you use something like
'find / -type d -name trees' ?

Files in /everything should be probably delete-inhibit unless stripped
of all tags first.