Subject: Re: "sendmail" configuration file issue should be fixed
To: Rhialto <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/11/2006 18:54:44
In a way, I would agree. But if someone now have been used to using 
NetBSD base for a long time, he has definitely used sendmail for a long 
time, and suddenly it will be gone.
So, if he needs a tool, he should make sure it is installed by himself, 
since base have suddenly decided to move.
Since that seems to be acceptable, I would say that if someone wants to 
use something, and depend on it, he should install it himself.

"If we move such a vital servier out of the base system...".
Well, we just did. Sendmail have been there since day one, and now it's 
Replacing it with postfix is not an invisible upgrade to people who 
actually care to configure such things.

So, why have a mail daemon at all in the base? Just to deliver the 
results of /etc/{daily,weekly,monthly,security} to a local root?
As I said before, that we can do in a simpler way.


Rhialto wrote:
> On Sat 10 Jun 2006 at 18:11:54 +0200, Johnny Billquist wrote:
>>So I still stand by the reasoning that if you want a mail daemon, you 
>>should install it yourself, you cannot depend on what's in base.
> I disagree strongly. The good thing about NetBSD is is usable base
> system: you don't *need* to install any extra software to have a real
> working Unix system. And, in my definition (and I expect many others')
> that includes mail processing. Once you remove such a vital service out
> of the base install, why have anything at all in it? You might as well
> remove all daemons (including inetd), compilers, shells, etc etc, and be
> left with something like Linux.
> I say, if you want to remove essential functionality, use syspkgs or
> something like that and remove it after install.
>>	Johnny
> -Olaf.

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