Subject: Re: strange high interrupt load and other problems.
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/09/2006 19:58:06
In article <e6cdjf$k62$>, Eric Auge  <> wrote:
>I'm currently using my recently bought laptop.
>a brand new x60 running NetBSD-current.
>the ethernet card is not working out of the box, little hacking needed.
>(I've ported em(4) from openbsd -> netbsd, I will post the  work when
>a bit of code cleaning is done, but it works _now_)
>the wifi card is not yet supported but apparently somebody has finished
>some work done on wpi(4) from openbsd, so it's coming..
>core duo doesn't seem supported or I don't know the trick,
>so only 1 CPU is seen and available for job to be done.

You probably need an MPACPI kernel for this to work. Or there might
be an option in your bios. 

>the SATA drive seems awfuly slow for some (to me) unknown reasons
>I keep getting a _lot_ of interrupts (systat 1, :iostat)
>when doing like a cvs update -PAd on pkgsrc and the load of the box
>is going up to 3 or 4, nothing is running except xorg (from pkgsrc)
>using the vesa driver (since i810 doesnt seems to support i950GM)
>and a very light window manager (wmii) + 3 xterms.
>firewire is not supported.
>SD card reader is not supported.
>sound (azalia(4)) make the system go to db>

Send a trace please.

>at least frame buffer works nicely, but I cant compile with MULTIPROCESSOR
>and other MPACPI options when using framebuffered console.
>any idea why the box is running so slowly, it is slower than
>my old laptop, running netbsd 3-stable (and working perfectly) ?

Look systat vm and vmstat..

>x60 1.5 Go of RAM, 60Go SATA Disk (working in compatible mode and not in AHCI
>mode since AHCI doesnt seems to be supported), attached a dmesg of the
>currently running kernel.
>tell me how I can do/help to improve this situation, since I still want my
>prefered OS (guess what! :) to run on this laptop even if it require to hack,
>change, debug to make it work nicely.