Subject: -current issues compared to 3.0
To: None <>
From: Christian Hattemer <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/07/2006 19:15:23

I've played with -current as of monday (IIRC) and 3.0_STABLE inside qemu.
There are a number of oddities that I'd like to have commented. They aren't
really problems for me, but it would be nice to have them resolved.

qemu is as installed from pkgsrc, host is 3.0_STABLE.

When using a boot loader configured to com0 as console -current shows only
the first two cpu0 lines on qemu's serial console screen, the full info
appears only when using the bios console. dmesg is complete. With 3.0 I see
the full info also on the serial console.

In addition to the serial console 3.0 would still give me a login on the
bios console using ttyE0 if VGA is present. It is with qemu. However on
-current wsdisplay and friends still appear in dmesg, but ttyE0 is not
configured. If I change the boot loader back to bios console it's working

This is a bit annoying since qemu's serial console sucks somewhat and can't
run vi or use cursor keys. At least AFAIK, since I started only recently to
use qemu. But for qemu I could still go back to the non-serial boot loader.

-current crashes sometimes, seems to happen when I use qemu's scrollback
function of the console screen or switch screens. This is with the serial
boot loader. getty just complained that ttyE0 isn't configured.  But I'm
not really sure about all this and can't be more precise at the moment. The
message is:
kernel: supervisor trap page fault, code=0
Stopped at      netbsd:wsdisplay_scroll+0x35   movl   0(%eax),%eax

I didn't notice this with 3.0.

The last thing I noticed it that when changing from qemu's serial console or
monitor screen to the VGA display with Ctrl-Alt-1 a stream of '1' appears
until another key is pressed. This is probably a qemu bug. It happens with
both versions.

Bye, Chris