Subject: Re: Postfix and SQL
To: Rui Paulo <>
From: Marcin Jessa <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/2006 21:16:23
On Sat, 13 May 2006 19:20:00 +0100
Rui Paulo <> wrote:

> On 2006.05.13 18:21:55 +0000, Marcin Jessa wrote:
> > Exactly, if you install pgsql or mysql package you would be able to add that make
> > flag to mk.conf (e.g WITH_MYSQL5=YES) which would be set to "NO" by default not
> > to break vanilla builds without the additional headers.
> This doesn't make any sense. This is what pkgsrc is used for.

Using the same logic postfix in the base makes little sense as well since it's already in the pkgsrcs.

> > I understand one can as well install postfix package and enable all the needed options
> > but my point is we could make these options avaliable since we already have 
> > postfix in the base.