Subject: Re: why do good ideas get lost?
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/11/2006 14:13:18
In article <>,
George Michaelson  <> wrote:
>I thought dropping uppercase only login in getty was gratuitous, but
>that was just because I have an ASR-33. I can understand nobody agrees.
>But rlogin/rsh has a call to getprogname() in it, so you could use the
>file namespace to link the command into the hosts and to get to some
>eponymous hosta
>ln `which rsh` /usr/hosts/hosta
>$ PATH=/usr/hosts:$PATH
>$ hosta <cmd>             # morally equivalent 
>                          # to rsh `whoiami`@hosta cmd
>why doesn't SSH have this meme?
>is this a false meme? is this such a bad idea? I liked this idea.
>this was a good berkely-ism. Why do we always loose good ideas?

Oh, god... I still remember the good ol' days at Cornell where we
had /usr/hosts [back then FQDN was not popular/used much]. /usr/hosts
was automatically re-built daily after the ftp of /etc/hosts (pre
DNS). I was logged in at root on a machine in the ee department,
typed "top" and got another root prompt... After the initial shock,
I understood what had happened: Instead of running the popular
program, I ended up logged in (as root!) to a machine in the math
department.  I had to chase the owner in the math department to
set the root password...

So, please no...