Subject: Re: trafshow borken, due too a missing pcap_version (was: CVS commit: src)
To: None <,>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2006 20:42:56
On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 12:06:38PM +0200, Matthias Drochner wrote:
> said:
> > IMHO we have to add this version info back into 
> Yes, thanks. We don't want to be unnecessarily different from
> the original. I've just fixed it.

Thank you.

Hmm, it would be better to use a generated version.c, so we won't
forget that part for the next libpcap update.

> > First I tried to update trafshow to 5.2.3, but this didn't fix that problem.
> Someone should tell them that pcap_version[] is not a documented
> interface, and that they should consider using eg. pcap_lib_version().

Yeah, but then I had enough problems to navigate on there webpage, because it
is only in russian and the download url has only version 4.0.
Maybe we could ask uwe to help us here.