Subject: Problems with Promise PDC40718 SATA 300 controller card under NetBSD-3.0
To: None <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/2006 08:29:30
	Hello folks.  I'm trying to get a pair of Promise PDC 40718 SATA
controllers with 4 500GB Western Digital wdc5000KS drives each to play well
with NetBSD.  Although the drives probe and attach OK, and, in fact, work
fine under lightly loaded conditions, when things get busy, we start
getting messages like:

pdcsata1 channel 0: reset failed for drive 0
pdcsata1:0:0: wait timed out
wd5a: device timeout reading fsbn 616482144 of 616482144-616482175 (wd5 bn 616482207; cn 611589 tn 7 sn 54), retrying
pdcsata1 channel 0: reset failed for drive 0

	In looking at the code, it appears as if the card, at some point,
stops giving the driver data about which drives need interrupt servicing.
Specifically, in pdc_205xx_pci_intr(), the driver reads some status from
the card, writes some status immediately, and reads the drive status back
immediately.  I'm wondering if there are conditions where the card isn't
responding quick enough such that the driver isn't seeing which drive
caused a particular interrupt.

	Has anyone used these cards in pairs under heavily loaded conditions?
I'm using:
/*	$NetBSD: pdcsata.c,v 2006/02/05 17:13:57 riz Exp $	*/