Subject: Getting ready to branch for 4.0
To: None <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/11/2006 16:56:15
Dear NetBSD users,

the NetBSD project is about to create the netbsd-4 branch for the NetBSD 4.0
release. However, before starting the release process, we would like to fix a
few bugs that we consider show-stoppers.

The following list is what the NetBSD developers came up with. If you
would like to suggest adding "your favorite bug", let us know.

      - PR/28472: NFS client gets atime wrong/Data corruption
      - PR/28510: X apps cannot find app-defaults due to xpkgwedge
      - PR/30525: remounting ffs read-only (mount -ur) does not sync metadata
      - PR 31275: mclpool hardlimit problem
      - PR/32035: MP machines can't keep time on busy nameservers
      - PR/32318: NFS client or server hang
      - PR/32330: shark kernel hangs under memory load.
      - PR/32535: processes stuck on vnlock (hang, nullfs, layerfs)
      - PR/33185: NetBSD-i386 >2GB memory problem

    Non Critical:
      - PR/25810: ipf4 ftp proxy has problems with long 221- lines
      - PR/24567: cardbus #defines set badly for machines with >1G RAM
      - PR/31245: Adaptec 1460 pcmcia support (aic) broken
      - PR/32414: openssl problems with hardware crypto
	added debugging should ask the submitter to re-test.
      - PR/32938: PCMCIA cards with fixed IO addresses are not working.
      - PR/32973: apm support is removed from the idle loop
      - PR/33013: Missing X server on NetBSD/shark
      - PR/?????: NetBSD-amd64 nForce problems

      - PR/33026: <sys/systm.h> is exported to userland
      - PR/30643: regression with new acpi should be fixed.
      - PR/26804: PT_COREDUMP fixed
      - PR/32683: gdb cannot single step over shared library functions

Martin Husemann