Subject: Re: Issue 50 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out.
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/2006 11:32:51
On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, thilo wrote:
> >>>Coverity problems are down to 2364 from 2395 last week.
> >Is the report somwhere open viewable? (url?)
> Overview is at
> For the full data, you need to ask Coverity for access.
> Dunno if they give that out for people who are just curious for the 
> results.

At this point in time, Coverity's intention is only to make the
results viewable to members of the project.

Please don't bug them for access - they're donating this service to
the project, and I don't want to see it go away!

Coverity is considering whether to open up results to a larger audience,
but keep in mind that they have to use their corporate resources
appropriately, and it's up to them to determine what benefit they would
get from using staff time to administer accounts for the general public,
and the hardware and bandwidth needed to serve larger numbers of browsers.

Keep in mind also that TNF signed an NDA in order to get access. While
not stated in the NDA, my understanding is that Coverity wishes to protect
some aspects of the technology from their competitors, and wide-open
public access to the reports could conflict with that goal.

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