Subject: Re: Building system in xterm versus regular console: two different failures
To: NetBSD current-users <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/20/2006 17:52:07
Are you running Gnome or KDE? One or both of those has some kind of  
program startup or crash monitor that plays games with things like  
this. I've run releases in X under FluxBox/BlackBox and not seen  
anything weird like that before, but that's not to say it's related.

On Mar 20, 2006, at 5:46 PM, walt wrote:

> I confess I don't even know what questions to ask in my current
> situation.
> For the past two days I've been struggling to define my problem,
> and I've finally discovered something I just don't understand.
> I've discovered that doing a ' build' fails in two
> completely different ways, depending on whether I try it from
> an xterm window or from a regular (pseudo-terminal) console.
> If I start an X session and do:
> # cd /usr/src
> # sh build
> then the build fails in the same spot every time in
> /usr/src/gnu/dist/texinfo during the 'configure' phase when
> checking if integer-division-by-zero raises a SIGFPE signal.
> The test run by 'configure' just hangs forever, consuming all
> the CPU cycles until I kill the test.
> I can duplicate the problem just by doing this from an xterm:
> # cd /usr/src/gnu/dis/texinfo
> # ./configure [this hangs forever]
> On the other hand, if do the build from a regular
> pseudo-terminal, I see the same failure that was discussed
> in the -current mail-list today and was supposed to be fixed
> by Christos's commit to share/mk/, but wasn't fixed.
> Any ideas?
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