Subject: Re: /usr/xsrc/xorg
To: Steven M. Bellovin <>
From: Michael Lorenz <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/19/2006 00:19:26
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> I see that /usr/xsrc/xorg now exists.

That's the modular branch of xorg 7.0

>  Is it buildable?

Only natively, if at all. Just make a directory somewhere as
destimation, add /some/path/bin you your PATH, run
util/modular/ /some/path/
and cross your fingers. You'll need recent versions of libfreetype,
libfontconfig, libdrm, Mesa and the usual bunch of autotools, those from
pkgsrc are fine, libdrm can be found on Getting xorg's build
system to find them may need some fiddling.

> If so, how do I select it instead of XFree86?

Not there yet. First I'm struggling to get it to build natively on
sparc64 ( because that's what I have here and since the CPU is nicely
un-x86 in almost any imaginable way it's bound to stumble over more or
less any silly PCism hiding in the source ), then adapt our reachover
framework to (cross-)build it and feed in our local fixes/additions
along the way, when that works fix the other archs. Since the directory
structure is completely different we can't just blindly apply our diffs
vs. XFree86 4.5 and expect to get anything useful.

So, if you want xorg the way to go right now is pkgsrc, the stuff in
xsrc/xorg will take some time to become useful. Of course you're welcome
to help getting it there.

have fun

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