Subject: Re: Splash screen boot HOWTO
To: None <>
From: Karsten Kruse <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/21/2006 08:03:09
Jared D. McNeill wrote:

> I've imported the splash screen support for vesafb on i386. For a
> completely graphical boot (up to login prompt or xdm), you need to do
> the following:

Seems to work mostly on my IBM Thinkpad T23 with S3 SuperSavage IX/C. I
see the splashscreen and the moving dot, after that i get the console.
However, there are some problems.

1) The colors of the splashscreen are wrong
   - white is wine red
   - orange is blue/green
   - grey is lime green

2) The color of the cursor is darkblue. Hard to read on black background.

3) Only the second half of the first line in console is visible, thats a
   problem in vi.

4) Native resolution of my display is 1024x768 pixel but 640x480 pixels
   are displayed. My hope was to use the native resolution because scaled
   fonts suck.

I can give you root access via ssh if needed.

If the problems are fixed it should make my laptop the coolest in town :).


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