Subject: Re: Can't build current
To: Marcin Jessa <>
From: Teemu Rinta-aho <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/2006 15:14:28
Marcin Jessa wrote:

>>===> command: ./ -m i386 -O /autobuild/netbsd-3.99.x/obj/i386 -
>>D /autobuild/netbsd-3.99.x/dst/i386 -R /autobuild/netbsd-3.99.x/rel/i386 -T /aut
>>obuild/netbsd-3.99.x/tools -X /autobuild/netbsd-3.99.x/xsrc -x -u release source
> [...]
> It's stops on building of floppies. The same error was reported a few times already.
> Floppy images are too big to fit the floppies and the build fails.
> I was unable to build release on CURRENT for quite some time now as well...

I built current two days ago on current and it worked fine.