Subject: can't build release for sparc64
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/2006 10:37:46

cd $WORK_DIR/src && /bin/sh ./ -j 4 -u -m $MACHINE_ARCH \
        -x -X $WORK_DIR/xsrc \
        release 2>&1 | tee /scripts/log.$MACHINE_ARCH

results in:

echo  netbsd | GZIP=-9 /opt/tools.sparc64/bin/nbpax -O -zw -M -N /opt/src/etc
-f /opt/obj.sparc64/releasedir/sparc64/binary/sets/kern-GENERIC.tgz pax: Failed
open to write
on /opt/obj.sparc64/releasedir/sparc64/binary/sets/kern-GENERIC.tgz (No such
file or directory) *** [kernset-GENERIC] Error code 1 1 error

I tried it with -j 1 (in case of pareallel make races) and get the same error.

# ls /opt/obj.sparc64/releasedir
ls: /opt/obj.sparc64/releasedir: No such file or directory

Anyone knows what's going on?