Subject: Re: Issues with etcupdate
To: Marcin Jessa <>
From: Hauke Fath <hauke@Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/2006 21:07:59
At 9:49 Uhr +0100 10.2.2006, Marcin Jessa wrote:
>/usr/sbin/etcupdate -s /usr/src/etc
>It says:
>*** Creating /tmp/temproot
>*** Populating /tmp/temproot from /usr/src/etc
>install: stat: No such file or directory

It is better to work from binary/sets/etc.tgz -- untar it somewhere safe,
like 'mkdir /newetc ; cd /newetc ; pax -pe -zrf /path/to/etc.tgz', then do
an 'etcupdate -b /newetc'. One advantage is that the /etc/mtree/* checksums
will match what you built and installed.


n.b.: etcupdate should learn to use the etc.tgz tarball, like postinstall does.

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