Subject: Re: LC Display 1600x1200 with Matrox G400 (connected via DVI)
To: Timo Schoeler <>
From: Garrett D'Amore <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/06/2006 07:20:43
We'll eventually have *non-binary* radeon support.  I just haven't
finished the code yet.

    -- Garrett

Timo Schoeler wrote:
> Thus "Steven M. Bellovin" <> spake on Mon, 06 Feb
> 2006 08:30:34 -0500:
>> In message
>> <>, Micha
>> l Suchanek writes:
>>> If you use a single link card and/or cable, the maximum resolution
>>> youcan norm ally get is something like 1400x1100 (I do not recall
>>> theexact numbers). I sus pect these old cards are no way near dual,
>>> youwould need at least some of the P-series cards if not full
>>> Parhelia.But these are completely useless with a fr ee system
>>> because there areno free drivers, and the commercial ones are probab
>>> ly quite poor. Atleast the matrox supplied and commercial drivers
>>> for G-series
>>> I triedwere unusable.
>>> It is possible to get higher resolution with some single link cards
>>> (and some d isplays) by crafting a vidoemode with shorter
>>> blankingintervals. The Windows d rivers for ATI 9200 and 9250
>>> Radeons arecapable of displaying modes like 1900x 1200 on certain
>>> Dell monitors. Ithink I read some Matrox cards can do somethin g
>>> similar. But it iscertainly not guaranteed that any card-monitor
>>> combination
>>> will work.
>> I don't think that's right.  I'm running 1600x1200, with an ATI
>> Radeon X300 (RV370) 5B60 PCIE, a Dell monitor flat panel, a DVI
>> cable, and xorg from pkgsrc.  (XFree86 wouldn't do it.)  If I'm
>> reading the log correctly, it's running at 162 Mhz.  The
>> configuration is just what was generated by Xorg.
>> 		--Steven M. Bellovin,
> funnily, i found out that indeed booting the machine with the display
> connected via DVI does *not* result in a functional setup. when you
> boot with the display turned on and connected via the VGA connector, X
> runs fine. being at text mode (console) i switched the cables, i.e.
> disconnected the VGA cable and connected the DVI cable to the card
> (which is only capable of DVI-A, obviously). starting X (xfce in my
> setup) works (still).
> so after all i need another card, ideally capable of DVI-D output. best
> would be a card which features two DVI-D for dual head setups (some
> day), maybe they are still expensive, but the question itself is for
> free :)
> so, can anybody recommend a card with DVI-D output, passively cooled,
> and with good support from XFree/
> (i'm not willing to fiddle around with binary [linux] drivers by ATI,
> nVidia et al. as i run NetBSD as well on macppc and i'd like to
> consolidate drivers etc.)
> thanks (in advance!),
> timo

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