Subject: Re: LC Display 1600x1200 with Matrox G400 (connected via DVI)
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2006 07:42:33
In message <>, Timo Schoeler writes:
>has anyone running a 20"/21" LCD (1600x1200) and is willing to share 
>some hints and/or the appropriate lines in XF86Config? :)

You're working WAYYY too hard.

	Section "Monitor"
		DisplaySize       427   320     # mm
		Identifier   "Monitor0"
		VendorName   "Samsung"
		ModelName    "Samsung 213T"
	#       VertRefresh     60.0
	#       Analog:
	#       HorizSync       30.0-81.0
	#       VertRefresh     56.0-75.0
	#       Digital:
	#       HorizSync       30-75
	#       VertRefresh     56-60
		Option      "DPMS"

	Section "Screen"
		Identifier "Screen0"
		Device     "Card0"
		Monitor    "Monitor0"
		DefaultDepth    24
		SubSection "Display"
			Viewport   0 0
			Depth     24
			Modes   "1600x1200"
			#Modes "1600x1200@74"

ModeLines are useful ONLY in the VERY UNUSUAL case that specifying the right
refresh rates doesn't work and the VESA stuff isn't working.  I have probably
never had a modeline work when the plain setup didn't since the turn of the
century.  Note that the commented-out lines aren't in use, they're bits and
pieces of old configurations on other hardware.

The other thing I have, which may not even be having an effect, is:

        Option     "CloneVRefresh" "60-60"      # [<str>]

in my video card section.  I don't think this is doing anything, though.
Since the VESA/PNP/whatever negotation works, everything does the right thing
if you do NOT try to override it, at least on my system.