Subject: Re: HEADS UP: UDF file system added to NetBSD source tree
To: Reinoud Zandijk <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/2006 17:08:01
In message <>, Reinoud Zandijk w
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>Dear folks,
>I'm pleased to announce to have added a new implementation of the UDF file 
>system to the NetBSD source tree.
>UDF is a file system defined by the OSTA standardisation group and is 
>tailored for data interchange on optical discs (like CDs and DVDs)  
>between different operating systems. Its also more and more common on other 
>media like Compact Flash (CF) cards.
>Harddisc partitions and vnd(4) devices may also be mounted. Note when 
>mounting a vnd(4) device it might be nessisary to specify the file image 
>sector size in the geomspec when creating the vnd(4) device or the disc 
>sector size will be used.
>Currently only read access is supported to all media types that CD/DVD type 
>drives can recognize including DVD-RAM and BlueRay drives. Write access is 
>planned and in preparation.
>Implemented and tested media types are CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-MRW, 
>DVD-ROM, DVD*R, DVD*RW, DVD+MRW but the same code can also read DVD-RAM, 
>HD-DVD and BluRay discs. Discs created and written by UDFclient, Nero's 
>InCD and Roxio's DirectCD/Drag2Disc read fine. Both open and closed media 
>are supported so there is no need to close discs or close sessions. All 
>current UDF versions upto version 2.60 are supported.
>To enable and try out the UDF file system, download and install the 
>NetBSD-current kernel and /sbin/mount_udf. In the kernel configuration 
>enable the UDF file system by adding
>	file-system UDF
>and mount a disc with `mount_udf /dev/cd0a /mnt'.

I tried it with audio and data CDs, and a video DVD.  The two CDs did 
not work: "no such file or directory".  The DVD mounted; I didn't try 
anything but 'ls', but when I did that I saw that the file and 
directory names were in upper case.  If I mount the same DVD with 
cd9660, they appear in lower case.

		--Steven M. Bellovin,