Subject: Re: KDE build doesn't work on 3.0 ?? + other X11 / xsane questions
To: mark kirby <>
From: Marc Coevoet <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/2006 23:18:40
Op 30-jan-06 om 19:44 heeft mark kirby het volgende geschreven:

> There have been some security fixes recently in various kde packages 
> and if its not building its worth trying the most recent pkgsrc.
> You dont need to download all of pkgsrc. You can just use cvs.

I did on mon 22 London time  pkgsrc-current.tgz ...

It doesn't build

kdebase ...

If I could login on the machine, I could give more output, but it looks 
the same, it stops in qt3-libs ...

How can one copy paste in X ?? was it ctrlU or right click ??