Subject: Please help test new Arla-package
To: None <,>
From: Ola Eriksson <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/2006 23:08:23

I have patched the Arla-package (pkgsrc/net/arla) to compile and run on 
NetBSD 3.99.14 and beyond. In mid-december, the lwp-ktrace branch was 
merged with HEAD (and version bumped to 3.99.14) which implemented quite 
a lot of changes in the kernel interface. These changes broke the 
compilation of Arla's kernel module (lkm).

I have implemented changes in to the package that makes it compile and 
run on both -current and the 3.0-branch. But since I have made quite a 
lot of changes, I would like some help to test the package (both 
compilation and, if possible, normal usage of the lkm/package) before I 
submit the patches to pkgsrc.

The current version of the fixed package is available in pkgsrc-wip 
under wip/arla-3.99.14

Any feedback is appreciated!

Best Regards,
Ola Eriksson & GMQ Consulting