Subject: Re: Firefox 5-10 second "hangs" on -current; just me?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Tom Spindler <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/2006 15:22:29
> On -current, with a natively built Firefox, Firefox occasionally wedges
> completely, CPU-looping, for quite a while, then comes back.  5-10 seconds
> minimum; I've seen a minute.
> Some pages will impose a 2-second or longer delay during which the entire X
> server is wedged; no keyboard processing or anything.
> This doesn't happen on any non-NetBSD platforms, but only Firefox does it.  Is
> anyone else seeing anything like this?

I've seen this happen with any process that has significant disk load;
while firefox is the worst offender, I've seen it happen with 'cvs up'
and other processes that do read-modify-write.

It only seems to have shown up in the last few months. Interactive
performance is now really kind of poopy.