Subject: ext2fs_write crashing (build: head snapshot 200601060000Z)
To: None <>
From: Aravind Gottipati <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/2006 00:56:31

I am sharing a local ext2 partition (/home) between my linux and NetBSD
instances.  The partition mounts just fine and is usable for the most
part.  I say "most" because it crashed one time while running firefox,
but that may have been my mistake.

The problem I have is that the NetBSD kernel crashes when I try to use
fetchmail+procmail to get my mail.  From the console, I can see that it
is crashing while procmail is copying mail to my home directory.  The
message indicates that it is crashing in the ext2fs_writer in the
kernel.  I have verified that the ext2 file system itself is clean
(fsck).  The same fetchmail+procmail combination works fine under
linux.  It also works fine if the /home is a UFS filesystem.

Also normal reads and writes (like a wget or cp) in the /home directory
work just fine.  Its only the procmail (with a ext2 /home) that triggers
this problem.  I'd appreciate any help on this.