Subject: Re: 1 open conditional
To: Ghis Gigi <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2006 22:56:01
On Sun, 08 Jan 2006, Ghis Gigi wrote:
> I've succedded the installation of a NetBSD 3.0 from
> FTP. I've downloaded the pkgsrc tar file from the
> NetBSD-current and the syssrc tar file from the
> NetBSD-3.0 directory. But what ever I try to compile I
> get the same error :
> make : 1 open conditional
> make : fatal errors encountered bla bla bla...

Are you running NetBSD-3.0, or are you running domething else
and trying to build NetBSD-3.0?

What exactly did you do to get those errors?  What directory were you
in, and what command did you issue?

> There is a file and a line but this is an include from
> another file...

If you won't tell us what file and line number were in the error
message, it's difficult for us to help.

--apb (Alan Barrett)