Subject: Re: Cross-compile NetBSD-current with case-insensitive filesystem?
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/2006 09:20:15
On Mon, 2 Jan 2006, Ken Hornstein wrote:

> I'm trying to cross-compile current for my evbarm box on my MacOS
> X 10.4 machine.  It came with HFS case-insensitive, and the last
> time I tried to setup a machine with a case-sensitive filesystem,
> it failed to boot (admittedly, that was under 10.3, and I suppose
> I could test it again, but that takes a while to setup).
> NetBSD-current fails to build the distribution on this filesystem (built
> a kernel fine, though).  The problem I'm running into is a conflict between
> _Exit.o (from _Exit.c) and _exit.o (from _exit.S).
> Are we supposed to be able to cross-compile the world with a
> case-insensitive filesystem?  If the answer is "no", I'll go away
> (I have an external firewire drive I can use) ... I was just under
> the impression that people had it working.

 	I believe the goal is for NetBSD to be able to compile on POSIX
 	systems, and I do not believe POSIX mandates case sensitive
 	filesystems, so I would definitely submit a PR.

 		David/absolute       -- No hype required --