Subject: Todays -current doesn't build on amd64
To: None <>
From: Wouter Schoot <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/2005 16:43:03

When I try to build todays -current, it fails on a kernel, somewhere at 
the end:

configinstall ===> /home/test2/current/src/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/cf/cf
makesetfiles ===> /home/test2/current/src/distrib/sets
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/set.base
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/set.comp
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/set.etc
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/set.misc
Creating /home/test2/src/_dist/etc/mtree/set.text
postinstall-fix-obsolete ===> .
    === Removing obsolete files ===
Source directory: /home/test2/current/src
Target directory: /home/test2/src/_dist/
obsolete fix:
postinstall fixes passed: obsolete
postinstall fixes failed:
checkflist ===> distrib/sets
make distribution started at:  Wed Nov 30 10:34:52 CET 2005
make distribution finished at: Wed Nov 30 11:44:32 CET 2005
release ===> etc        (with: DISTRIBUTION_DONE=1)
Build directory is /home/test2/src/_obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC
Don't forget to run "make depend"
nbmake: "/home/test2/src/_obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC/Makefile" 
line 3540: Malformed conditional 
nbmake: "/home/test2/src/_obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC/Makefile" 
line 3551: if-less endif
nbmake: "/home/test2/src/_obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC/Makefile" 
line 3551: Need an operator
nbmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

nbmake: stopped in /home/test2/src/_obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC

*** Failed target:  kern-GENERIC
*** Failed command: cd 
/home/test2/src/_obj/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC && 
/home/test2/src/_obj/tooldir.NetBSD-2.0-x86_64/bin/nbmake distclean
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /home/test2/current/src/etc

*** Failed target:  release
*** Failed command: _makedirtarget() { dir="$1"; shift; target="$1"; 
shift; case "${dir}" in /*) this="${dir}/"; real="${dir}" ;; .) this=""; 
real="/home/test2/current/src" ;; *) this="${dir}/"; 
real="/home/test2/current/src/${dir}" ;; esac; show=${this:-.}; echo 
"${target} ===> ${show%/}${1:+ (with: $@)}"; cd "${real}" && 
_THISDIR_="${this}" "$@" ${target}; }; _makedirtarget etc release 
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /home/test2/current/src

ERROR: Failed to make release

I don't set COPTS nor cpu in /etc/mk.conf or in the script I use to 
build the release.

i386 from the same tree builds fine.

Any idea's?



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