Subject: Re: postinstall fixes failed: gid sendmail uid
To: Pavel Cahyna <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/2005 18:56:51
On Nov 20,  4:19pm, Pavel Cahyna wrote:
>I just looked to the system where I did the install, and saw that for
>those files, tar (pax, actually) chose the "correct" UID and GID, not
>So IMHO if those UIDs or GIDs were in use by another user or group, I
>would end with a system with setgid binaries owned by a group different
>that intended. If I chose a random UID/GID whwn creating those
>special users and groups, I would end with files owned by nonexistent
>users or groups. Is this correct?

That would be true.  But if you keep the random IDs above, say, 500 (as I
believe 'adduser' does), you would likely have no conflicts with those
assigned for system accounts.