Subject: Re: problem with tmpfs and linux emulation?
To: None <>
From: Michael van Elst <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/13/2005 11:26:20 ("Steven M. Bellovin") writes:

>  5172 soffice.bin CALL  getdents64(0x18,0x8188888,0x1000)
>  5172 soffice.bin RET   getdents64 76/0x4c
>  5172 soffice.bin CALL  llseek(0x18,0,1,0xbfbfb120,0)
>  5172 soffice.bin RET   llseek 0

>  6975 soffice.bin CALL  getdents64(0x1a,0x818ebd0,0x4000)
>  6975 soffice.bin RET   getdents64 76/0x4c
>  6975 soffice.bin CALL  lstat64(0xb6fe5c18,0xbfbfae70)

Linux readdir() does neither of llseek or lstat64. If it did, then
you should see the effects also in trivial programs like 'ls'.
Does /emul/linux/bin/ls fail on tmpfs?

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."