Subject: Re: bge sending garbage frames
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: M Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/2005 16:43:32
Chris Tribo wrote:
> Well I agree that it isn't "best practice" but it works sufficiently  to 
> netboot the PC and in Windows set to autonegotiate on the PC side.  It 
> just doesn't seem to be "correct" that the PHY knows we're at 10  
> megabit but won't let any data in or out in NetBSD. I don't need it  to 
> be maximum efficiency, or error-free, I just need to transfer  about 20k 
> of data and reboot the machine.

Actually, if you lock down one side to (say) 10 Mbps you should also 
lock it at half duplex.  I don't think _any_ negotiation occurs if you 
don't do that.

Autoneg switches should fall back, but IMHO some fail...