Subject: Re: Sun Type6 USB keyboard & X
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/23/2005 22:00:35
In message <>, Sean Davis writes:
>I've recently switched to a type6 usb keyboard on my PC. Using wskbd @ ukbd
>is working just fine for console and X, however I'm wondering.. where do I
>need to dig around if I'd like to use the sun buttons (the L pad on the left,
>and the volume controls/sleep button on the right)? I was looking at output
>from xev, and nothing happens when those keys are punched. I would like to
>bind them to perform useful functions (or at least keystrokes) but I don't
>see how I could do that with xmodmap if xev isn't even picking up
>keypress/release events.
>Any pointers would be much appreciated.

I have a (lousy) HP keyboard with assorted extra keys.  My .xinitrc 
file has this:

	usbhidaction -f 0 -c /home/smb/.hidconf

and my .hidconf file has this:

Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:Volume_Up                       1
   mixerctl -n -w outputs.master++
Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:Volume_Down                     1
   mixerctl -n -w outputs.master--
Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:Mute                            1
Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:AC_Home                         1
   rfirefox about:blank &
Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:AC_Search                       1
   rfirefox &
Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:AL_Calculator                   1
   xterm -e bc &
Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:AL_Email_Reader                 1

Btw -- on different sound cards, I've had to use different mixerctl 
calls.  I haven't tried figuring out why.

		--Steven M. Bellovin,