Subject: Re: ath seems still buggy
To: Steven M. Bellovin <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/19/2005 11:08:28
It seems that there are some diag tools, which presumably use some
ioctls in sys/dev/ic/ath.c, and these are in FreeBSD userland but not
NetBSD.  It should be reasonably straightforward to bring them in
(modulo arguments about where the sources and the binaries should go :-).

One thing I didn't realize for a long time is that 'ifconfig -v ath0'
shows many interesting stats.  But apparently not all the ones of

	ssid SINEW nwkey *****
	powersave off
	bssid [redacted]:0e:9b:44:d7:f4 chan 1
	address: [redacted]
	media: IEEE802.11 autoselect mode 11b adhoc
	status: active
	input: 4707798 packets, 1355776417 bytes, 824565 multicasts, 522072 errors
	output: 2083846 packets, 628540876 bytes, 639 multicasts
	rx frame with bad version: 7
	rx frame too short: 0
	rx from wrong bssid: 125364
	rx discard 'cuz dup: 746288
	rx w/ wrong direction: 15861
	rx discard 'cuz mcast echo: 0
	rx discard 'cuz sta !assoc: 0
	rx w/ wep but privacy off: 0
	rx w/o wep and privacy on: 0
	rx wep processing failed: 0
	rx decapsulation failed: 0
	rx discard mgt frames: 55
	rx discard ctrl frames: 10561399
	rx beacon frames: 3084859
	rx rate set truncated: 0
	rx required element missin: 0
	rx element too big: 0
	rx element too small: 0
	rx element unknown: 1822312
	rx frame w/ invalid chan: 0
	rx frame chan mismatch: 9
	rx frame dropped: 0
	rx frame ssid mismatch : 32049
	rx w/ unsupported auth alg: 5
	rx sta auth failure: 0
	rx auth discard 'cuz CM: 0
	rx assoc from wrong bssid: 0
	rx assoc w/o auth: 0
	rx assoc w/ cap mismatch: 0
	rx assoc w/ no rate match: 0
	rx assoc w/ bad WPA IE: 0
	rx deauthentication: 6
	rx disassociation: 4
	rx frame w/ unknown subtyp: 0
	rx failed for lack of buf: 0
	rx decrypt failed on crc: 0
	rx discard ahdemo mgt fram: 0
	rx bad auth request: 17
	rx on unauthorized port: 0
	rx w/ incorrect keyid: 0
	rx seq# violation (CCMP): 0
	rx format bad (CCMP): 0
	rx MIC check failed (CCMP): 0
	rx seq# violation (TKIP): 0
	rx format bad (TKIP): 0
	rx MIC check failed (TKIP): 0
	rx ICV check failed (TKIP): 0
	rx failed 'cuz key type: 0
	rx failed 'cuz key !setup: 0
	rx discard 'cuz acl policy: 0
	tx failed for lack of buf: 0
	tx failed for no node: 0
	tx of unknown mgt frame: 0
	tx failed 'cuz key type: 0
	tx failed 'cuz no defkey: 0
	tx failed 'cuz no space: 0
	active scans started: 0
	passive scans started: 0
	nodes timed out inactivity: 0
	no memory for crypto ctx: 0
	tkip crypto done in s/w: 0
	tkip en-MIC done in s/w: 0
	tkip de-MIC done in s/w: 0
	tkip counter measures: 0
	ccmp crypto done in s/w: 0
	wep crypto done in s/w: 0
	cipher rejected key: 0
	no key index for setkey: 0
	driver key delete failed: 0
	unknown cipher: 0
	cipher not available: 0
	cipher attach failed: 0
	cipher fallback to s/w: 0
	driver key alloc failed: 0
	en-MIC failed: 0
	merge failed-cap mismatch: 0
	merge failed-rate mismatch: 0
	ps-poll for unassoc. sta: 0
	ps-poll w/ incorrect aid: 0
	ps-poll w/ nothing to send: 0
	inet [redacted]
	inet6 fe80::[redacted]%ath0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1

        Greg Troxel <>