Subject: Re: ath seems still buggy
To: None <>
From: Marcin Jessa <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/19/2005 09:28:35
On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 21:29:35 -0400
Thor Lancelot Simon <> wrote:

: On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 11:11:39PM +0000, Marcin Jessa wrote:
: >
: > When it comes to the ath implementation for NetBSD it seems to be
there : > just for the records. 
: > Sadly it looks like it can't be used for any serious purpose.
: That's nonsense.  I use it every day, in NetBSD-current, and it works
: fine.
: In fact, I'm typing this through a Soekris with an Atheros wireless
: module in hostap mode right now.

I did not mean occasional usage on a laptop but in real life enviroment
running as AP with clients connected to it.
An example: 
Try to set your ath in bridge with one wired interface.
Last I checked both ath's need to be in adhoc and even then sending
small packets over that bridge will make your soekris panic (at
least my do).
What I also miss a whole lot is WDS extensions to ath implementation.

I am sorry if I sound like I am whining. I greatly appreciate all the
work done by David Young and others working on the ath driver.