Subject: Re: NIS password problems
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/2005 06:52:06
In article <>,
	Hubert Feyrer <> writes:
>> Shouldn't /var/yp/Makefile.yp rebuild these databases when
>> the source file (master.passwd) has been changed?
> I'd expect yppasswdd to run a  'make' in /var/yp after changing the 
> password. This needs the "comp" set iirc.
> If that doesn't work, it's broken.

It does that. And changing NIS passwords works fine for me via "passwd"
which will automatically change my NIS password.

The difference might be that the NIS users are not in "/etc/master.passwd".

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler