Subject: Re: strange behaviour (mabye cauesed by I did not RTFM)
To: NetBSD current-users <>
From: Antoine Reilles <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/14/2005 18:30:08

On Oct 14, 2005, at 6:11 PM, Roine Thunberg wrote:
> I'm new to current-builds and I experienced an anoying behaviour.
> I've build current yesterday from sources.
> Almost everything went on smoothly as I expected, until I rebooted  
> with the new userland. Authification error due to "pam" could not  
> be started. Now was the question how to login. I couldn't login as  
> user nor root in console. However, I could login via ssh as user  
> (?). Could not "su" myself. ...pam-error.
> I got help from though.
> I found out with some help that /etc/pam.d was empty (even after a  
> "/etc/postinstall"). Had to boot up in single-user mode, edit some  
> nessecary files to put in /etc/pam.d and suddenly it worked.
> I didn't see any post of this behaviour in "src/BUILDING". If I  
> had, I could have edit the nessecay files before rebooting after "./ 
> -U install=/"
in src/UPDATING, the entry at 20050109 advertises for populating etc/ 
It is in general useful to read that file, it avoids a lot of  
troubles (and this is the place the documentation asks to read:

> ...or was there error in my source when building which made this  
> "error". Seems running fine now and it has a nice version number.  
> What would be the next ? =)
You should try etcupdate, it helps a lot keeping /etc almost correct

Have fun with -current,