Subject: Re: ehci and bge randomly not working
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: Andreas Wrede <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/2005 21:11:34
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On Oct 7, 2005, at 20:30 , Chris Tribo wrote:

> I just came across a bug report on OpenBSD PR 4455 that describes  
> the same
> problem I'm having with EHCI. Except that it's on an nVidia AMD64  
> board.
> I'll try his suggestion of running a non MP kernel, but it still  
> sounds
> like something is wrong in APIC interrupt handler/PCI Express land.

I filed kern/31457 a couple of days ago. Maybe it is related, since  
the problem occurs with a dual CPU system and an APCI enabled kernel  
if a bge sharing an IRQ with a isp interface is accessed?

> On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, Sam Leffler wrote:
>> Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>>> In message <>, Chris  
>>> Tribo writes:
>>>> Ever since 3.99.7/8 my EHCI and BGE controllers have been acting up
>>>> more than usual.
>>>> I've stated the clues to EHCI before, everything is normal in the
>>>> dmesg except
>>>> ehci_sync_hc: tsleep() = 35
>>>> If 35 is errno, the man page says something about it being a
>>>> temporary error condition, try again later. That doesn't make any
>>>> sense to me but I don't really have a handle on the code either.
>>>> bge is doing:
>>>> bge0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
>>>> bge0: block failed to stop: reg 0x1400, bit 0x00000002
>>>> ...
>>>> Its quite curious that they both seem to not work at the same time.
>>>> Is this a symptom of not being able to get contiguous kernel memory
>>>> for buffers? Or am I just "lucky"? The fact that this problem
>>>> persists across multiple warm and cold boots and then suddenly  
>>>> works
>>>> fine is also disturbing. Not being able to type or ssh in makes  
>>>> this
>>>> box pretty much useless. Can someone please help me diagnose this?
>>> For what it's worth, I have two bge desktops running -current,  
>>> with no
>>> problems.  Nor have I seen any ehci problems.
>> And I've got a dell 600m laptop w/ bge (BCM5702X) and ehci (Intel
>> 82801/ICH4) that I've had hard lockups on (only option was to
>> power-cycle).  Couldn't pinpoint either as the culprit though at  
>> least
>> once I was marking bge0 down when things locked up.
>>     Sam
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> The nice thing about Windows is - It does not just crash, it  
> displays a
> dialog box and lets you press 'OK' first.
>                         -- Arno Schaefer


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