Subject: booting current question
To: None <>
From: thilo <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/2005 20:42:39
Hi guys,
I am porting current to an oldish sa1100.

The os is booting & running properly when I use an NFS root (no disk 
16mb ram  & 1 pcmcia-slot :-( ).
My question is where would I need to plug in the wireless (driver wi) 
ssid & wep-key ?
I found nfs_boot_setaddress, but that would look to much like a hack
( and what if I have an ethernet card installed?)
Is there already somewhere a hook for interface configuration (via some 
sort of bootparams or so?)

In the moment the only thing I can do is boot into a minimal mfs that has a
shell and ifconfig & mount_nfs.

I can set the parameters there, but mounting the nfs_root over the MFS 
doesn't look too good in df.

init finishes the system from there on :-)

the other question is:
can I unmount the original MFS ?

Thirdly: is there some sort of flash-filesystem driver in netbsd ?

Currently my port is based on hpcarm, but has ucb1200 & touch panel 
driver and other bits added that I didn't see
If there is any interest to put those things into the current -cvs  
tree, who would be the one to ask?

cheers thilo