Subject: Re: ath driver and wep
To: Sam Leffler <>
From: Vincent <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/02/2005 11:52:51
Sam Leffler a Ă©crit :

>>>>> It is *definitely* better. but I think it does not solve completely 
>>>>> the problem, as I found my PC disconnected after a while. And it 
>>>>> surely does not solve the autodeconnection bug (the card drops the 
>>>>> link for some unknown reason).

Update: apparently, this morning (here in Europe!) the patch crashed the 
system. It seems to create some instability in the link: the IP level 
fails, while the level 2 is still connected… As a result, the LED of my 
PCMCIA card still blink normally, while I can't ping my access point.

I'd be glad to find out a debugging tool such as 80211debug. I am 
unaware of its presence on the NetBSD tree, so I assume it hasn't been 
ported yet.

The disconnection symptom seemed to have ceased before summer. It 
reappeared after some update in the HAL and glue code.

> wrong and we should fix that.  If folks still feel it's critical to 
> power off the socket then you'll need a workaround in the driver to 
> restore the key cache contents on power up--which is what Greg has done.

But, which, for some reason, seems to "garble" the link, so to speak.