Subject: Re: altq api for ipf and pf
To: None <>
From: Thomas E. Spanjaard <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/2005 21:38:21
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matthew sporleder wrote:
>     -Remove references to pf.conf and pfctl in favor of alt.conf and
> altqctl (or netctl, or sysctl, or whatever)

In my opinion, everything used to control ALTQ in any way must go via 
one API. Not only tagging, but also other ALTQ specifics (enabling, 
interfaces, etc). altq.conf and altqd (or as you named it, altqctl) 
should only exist as an ALTQ-only solution, i.e. when not using either 
ipf nor pf. That option should talk entirely via the API as well.

Also, I'd like it if multiple taggers could work together, i.e., for 
each packet it walks a linked list of taggers to call.

		-- Thomas E. Spanjaard

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