Subject: Re: X-Window system and video CLE266 chipset (was: Xwindows and video CLE266 chipset)
To: T. M. Pederson <glasseye!>
From: Roberto Pereyra <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/2005 12:43:12
I instaled Linux Slackware 10.2, using the latest xorg release (6.8.2) and
xorgcfg works fine.

But the xorg openbsd 3.7 version (the same 6.8.2) not works,  like the
NetBSD XFree release, with the same error (the display goes black).


2005/9/19, T. M. Pederson <glasseye!>:
> On "Sat, 17 Sep 2005 13:36:04 -0300", Roberto Pereyra
> <> wrote:
> >I just installed the latest xorg release without luck, with the same err=
> These Unichrome failures sound similar to what I've seen with XFree86 (4.=
3 and
> later). I got my system working by switching to an ACPI kernel.