Subject: Re: gzip and amanda conflict?
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/2005 02:10:56
In message <>, David Laight writes:
>The gzip file format doesn't allow a size >= 2^32 to be saved in the
>archive trailer.  Files >= 2^32 are saved correctly.
>So I suspect the maybe_warn() is flipping the exit status....

It is.  I guess my report was not specific enough.

The "warning" is seen as cause to change the exit status, so gzip reports
that compression "failed", so Amanda gives up.

This is absolutely positively wrong.  The file is correctly compressed; that
the header is inaccurate in a way that it's been inaccurate for as long as
there's been a gzip is not cause to discard data.