Subject: packet tunneling in IPV6
To: None <>
From: gillet <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/2005 12:58:42
Hi all,

I need to implement a dynamic IPv6 tunneling. In the entry-point, the
original packet is encapsulated and sent to the tunnel exit-point.
I wondered whether the IPv6 decapsulation was automatic.
When I send the IPv6-over-IPv6 packet, I detect an ICMP6 message: parameter
problem next header. The next header of my tunnel IPv6 header is set to
decimal value 41, according to RFC 2473!
Either my packet is wrong, or the ICMP6 message is normal and the
decapsulation must be configured.
Can I configure the potential exit-points so that they are able to decapsule
packets automatically?

Franck GILLET.