Subject: Re: Keyboard Problems
To: Eric Haszlakiewicz <>
From: Alexey G. Khramkov <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/2005 15:16:46
Eric Haszlakiewicz <> writes:

> 	quiet, you vi heathen!  My emacs god will smite thee! :)
> more seriously, the "fastest" way to navigate really depends on what you're
> used to.  Although if you look at key strokes vi-mode is the worst:
> three keys (Esc, 0, i) to perform the equivalent of one (Home) or
> 1.5 (Ctrl-A)

If you are writing wrong things you are at "insert" mode. If you just
search the right location, you're at "command" mode, so vi beats emacs
(0 = one key vs. Ctrl-A = 1.5 keys). You're right, it depends. That's
why I use emacs for document creating (more writing, less movements),
and vi for patching (more moving, less writing). Vi is the best in
moving (command) mode without doubts. :)

> 	As for getting home/end to work: the correct $TERM for wscons terminals
> appears to be wsvt25m, not "vt100" (which is in wscons.conf), nor "vt220"
> (which is listed in /etc/ttys and is what $TERM gets set to by default)
> 	I'm guessing the default value should be changed, but perhaps there's
> a reason that it's set to vt220?

My suggestion on IRC was "forget about numpad". I said it on behalf of
more than 10 years of sysadmin's duties and ~9 years Unixoid's tasks.
The numpad's keys are bad habits from IBM-compatible MS Windows OSes.
Their editors use only numpad for moving. The side effect of that
Bad Thing TM design was wheel "invention" on mice. :) It's very funny
stuff, because X has middle button "one click" magic vs. "roll and
roll and roll. Energizer-like". :)

> eric

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